Hello friends! Welcome to the Americoders web-app.

If you are here then you probably received the link directly from me (Joseph Dubon) or one of my friends.
Thank you for your interest and support with this community project.

AMERICODERS is an online learning platform dedicated to the advancement and technological development of the peoples of our community.

We might not notice it right away -but we are living in and experiencing something really special.

Technological advancements are emerging and blooming in front of our very eyes.

Science fiction fantasies are becoming a reality everyday. Helping us in aspects of life we might not even notice.

Helping... and adapting... to our world in ways we are not even aware of yet -whether we are ready or not.

Join our community as we educate, evolve, and adapt to this new world. Learn to code, create, live, and prosper in this new digital era while keeping intact the ethics and traditions of our old-world.

Our first workshops are scheduled to begin in June 2022!

  • What is the internet?
  • What is the blockchain/web3?
  • How can I (or my kids and family) stay safe 'online'?
  • How to create your first website and projects portfolio
  • How can I use my computer/modern tech to organize my life?
  • Learn to code your first old-school style video game
  • Build your first linux computer (rasberry pi project)
  • Learn and code together as a family or group of friends
  • Learn by playing games and having a fun time!

Questions? Email me here.

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