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We're a community enrichment program founded in the heart of the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, Nevada.
We believe education should be an experience to foster growth & advancements in STEM, Arts, & Mindfulness Development.

Project Based Learning

We practice a sustained process of learning in which we can immerse ourselves in multiple disciplines, simultaneously.

We engage in tailor-made projects that provoke students to instinctively ask complex questions all while gaining real-world problem solving experience in a monitored environment.

"Participating in project based learning with Americoders brought out a creative and problem solving side of me that I didn't even know existed! I feel I have the tools to become a great problem solver and thinker." - Ennio D, Age 10

Mindfulness Awareness

We must connect meaning with our actions. We hear modern terms but they are offered with no explanation of what they mean.

Then we are left with assumptions and stereotypes. These create patterns and patterns turn into habits. Our habits determine our future. Join us as we educate and adapt to understand and break negative stereotypes, destroy assumptions, and replace them all with verified knowledge.

We begin our project/workshop adventures with five minutes of breathing-exercise and guided-meditation.

Community Building

We can develop a natural state of dignity, pride, and restore our sense of significance in our community of Reno, NV. We hear about how we are becoming a 'tech-city' but we will be left behind unless we become 'tech-citizens'.

Having a shared cause provides us with a sense of momentum and purpose. Let's experience and explore amazing new possibilities in this awesome new world while advancing and leveling up our knowledge as a community.

Don't we deserve the opportunity to learn the knowledge to benefit in this digital world? Yes, we do! And so do our children.

Course and Project Examples

Let's level-up by creating some cool games and projects!


Introduction to Coding


Internet Safety


Game Development


Technology Unplugged


Create a Projects Portfolio


Hardware Breakdown/Fixes


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Program Starting

Fall Semester 2022

Join our community as we educate, evolve, and adapt to this new world. Learn to code, create, live, and prosper in this new digital era while keeping intact the ethics and traditions of our old-world.